MK Machining Powder Pan

Price: $45.00

Region: Bay of Plenty


Improved Autotrickler Pan

The MK Machining Improved Autotrickler Pan is a simple, improved powder pan for your Autotrickler setup. We have maximized the vertical height of the powder pan to increase powder capacity and reduce the chance of powder bouncing out upon discharge. This improved autotrickler pan also has an extended handle for easier removal your scale. Made via additive manufacturing from a special “ESD-Safe” material that holds no static charge.  Our improved pan features a symmetrical design and pouring spouts on either side, for consistent left or right handed pouring. Print seam placed in the middle of the pan for a smooth pour regardless of left or right-hande orientation.   We are confident you’ll be very impressed by the quality of these prints, they look nearly molded!  These pans won’t break the bank and fit directly onto the platform of your Autotrickler.

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