Anti-Static Drop Tube

Price: $18.00

Region: Bay of Plenty


MK Machining is now offering a stackable Anti-Static Drop Tube for our reloading funnel which allows additional space to ensure smooth flow in large loads. Works with the MK Machining Anti-Static Funnel and MK Machining Anti-Static Inserts.  Approximate 2″ of extra room for powder to compact.

We use additive manufacturing to produce this drop tube with an “Electrostatic Discharge Safe” material that prevents static buildup.  Typically reserved for use with sensitive electronics, we have found this material to produce exceptional powder flow results at a pleasing cost when compared to subtractively manufactured funnels.

This drop tube is compatible with our interchangeable inserts in all common calibers from .17-.375. Functions specifically well with finer powders that typically have static cling issues.

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